Renaissance City: art and culture in a beautiful natural setting


Ferrara is a city full of history, since the first settlements during the VII century, it reaches its biggest majesty with Este authority, which makes it one of the cultural capital of Renaissance.

You can still feel a magic atmosphere in the narrow medieval ways and in the larger boulevards of the XV century, which are overlooked by gorgeous palaces which guard indoor gardens in full bloom.

Deep interest is raised by the historical Estensi’s residences, the art’s museums and the temporary exhibits which stretch over the international artistic panorama, collecting famous artists’ works which marked the history of modern and contemporary art, from the romantics to the impressionists, from the abstractionists to the informals.

The city is home to a range of various museums: The National Archaeological Museum that houses the artefacts from the Etruscan city of Spina [...]

A wide range of events occur throughout the year in Ferrara: the International Kite Festival at the end of April; the Palio of Ferrara event [...]

Ferrara is also famous for being the city of bicycles. And the historic town walls from 1492 are still excellently preserved, providing a wo [...]

In the World Heritage List, defended by Unesco, there can only be unique places in the world. The city of Ferrara, with the historical area [...]

Upcoming Events in Ferrara and province


Gustave Courbet returns to Italy 50 years after the last show dedicated to him. Palazzo dei Diamanti pays tribute to him with an important r [...]

Dani Karavan exhibition at the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS) [...]

Closing a perfect circle, Ferrara Musica turns 30 years old, celebrating them with the three ensembles founded by the great conductor whom o [...]

From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers [...]

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