Love for kids

Travelling with your family has never been so easy as with the Hotel Touring.

We have adopted Love for kids formula to offer you a range of services thought out especially for families travelling with their kids so that they can enjoy serene and peaceful holidays.

The requirements of the little ones are given preference.  On request you will have at your disposal a small bed or a cradle for sweet dreams, fairy tales, games and pettings. To favor the break you deserve we will make your kid’s entertainment perfect.

You will find a play area with a drawing kit, an unboxed console, most children adore, the Nintendo Wii so that they can have a fun even when they are a long way from home and the show-case for their ‘masterpieces’.

With different dainties created especially for the little knights and princesses and served on colorful kids-oriented plates and dishes we will make their breakfast special.  

We also have an ad hoc children room for little guests. Spacious and light, this room has a comfortable bed for parents and a small one where their kids can sleep. The favorite cartoons are available from the TV video menu (SKY Kids) so that you may have a relaxing evening.

We are waiting for you and your family!

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