In every place of Italy Touring Club lives and works thanks to our members.

In 1899 TCI had 16000 members, collaborated to the drawing up of the Police’s regulation, to the embellishment of stations, to the realization and to the installation of road signs, to the first drawing up of cartographic guide, to the first hotel school of Italy, from 1926 began to open his first hotels giving his name.

This and other…  a long history of 120 years…
For all TCI members our hotel proposes a special offer if you book by
servizi On Line or contacting us for further information:

0532.206200 -

The promotion is not accruable with other kinds of offers and in some periods it won’t be applied.
City  tax in not included. At the check-in you have to show  the TCI card . In absence of those requirements the discount won’t be applied.


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