Home of the "eat well", Ferrara boasts a culinary tradition which has its roots in medieval times, with delicious traditional dishes. 

This pasta was named after the straw hats worn by farmers in the past (called cap’lazz in local dialect), which it resembles. For ce [...]

Hints of his existence even at the time of the Este court can be found in a letter in which Lorenzo de’ Medici thanks Ercole I d&rsq [...]

It was mainly eaten during carnival, a period in which people allowed themselves more substantial dishes than usual before Lent. Because i [...]

History and notes Both names have existed side by side for centuries, often misleading curious gourmands. The current recipe, as you mi [...]

In the city like in its surroundings, one thing that Ferrara natives simply can’t do without is the daily ritual of shopping for fre [...]

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