From September 27th to October 13th, the Eel Festival returns to Comacchio. This event, which is central in the turistical fall schedule, recall turists from all the penisula for to pay tribute to the Queen of Valleys.

Every Year, identity and local history fill the city centre with significance. The fish dishes, prepared by the gastronomic stand and by the restaurants in the centre, seeking both traditional flavors and will to experiment something new, remind us of anciant knowledge and millenary stories.

At Comacchio, the Eel Festival find its best expression. Between the water channels of historic centre and the adjacent lagoon takes stage a various arts show, among the color of the sky and the water lights, among the sounds of nature and the charm of popular culture.

The main aspect of the event is the Eel and fish (both from sea and valley) based dishes tasting, prepared by Comacchio's sailors at the highly active gastronimic stand ubicated in Via Fattibrllo (behind the Coop supermarket).

The restaurant in the territories make up a gastronomic circuit that rivisits, with a modern twist, eel based dishes and other local specialities. In the historic centre, along the water channels up to Loggiato dei Cappuccini where it will be set a expositive course with agricultural products, local products, handcrafted products, artistic artifacts, gastronomy and sweets.

Let's not forget about the excursions in the Delta del Po park frame, where the enclosed biodiversity, in its 800 square kilometres, make it a unique place in all of Europa for nature's lovers.

In the squares you will find a play corner for the kids with the collector and curiosity market.

Nelle piazze troveranno luogo un angolo giochi per bambini, il mercatino del collezionismo e delle curiosità.