From 23th of August to 1st September 2019

The Ferrara Buskers Festival is an international event, a flagship of music and street art in Italy. From 17th to 26th August 2018, the International Music Streets Festival transforms Ferrara into a stage that welcomes masters and curious exponents of street art from around the world, offering the opportunity to watch hundreds of free shows each day on average Suitable for an audience of all ages.

For the many spectators from all over Italy and, to a significant extent, even from abroad, the Festival is an exciting round around the world looking for familiar and exotic sonorities, it's an intriguing treasure hunt to discover the most original instruments, The most imaginative performances, the most glamorous costumes. And it is, above all, an infinite mobile party that moves in a thousand directions, capable of reserving surprises at every corner: a river of joy, suggestions and amazement, that invading streets and squares of one of the most beautiful and historic centers in Italy.

The splendid architectural landscape of Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage city, offers 200,000 square meters of stage to about 1000 artists from 35 different nations. These numbers, which make the Ferrara Buskers Festival the world's most important street music show and one of the main folk festivals in Europe. While invited artists are exclusively musicians, the wide array of accredited artists includes jugglers, acrobats, Equilibrists, clowns and other very original performers.

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