"Blessed are the last that life knows how to enjoy"

Ferrara, the city of bicycles par excellence, will host the first edition of the Slow Cyclist Festival on the weekend from 28 to 29 October 2017.

Two days full of events: starting Saturday from Piazza Ariostea "The slowest pedaling in the world: 6 km in 6 hours" with food and wine stops and a tour of art and nature in the beautiful city of Este.
In the evening the party continues with the Gran Galà of the Slow Cyclist and the celebration of the Black Jersey companies at the Giro d'Italia.
Sunday morning you will cycle in the fascinating natural oasis of the Po Delta Park: 60 km from the Pomposa Abbey to the Castle of Mesola, where there will be the risotto-party with music and entertainment!
The Slow Cyclist Festival was conceived by Guido Foddis, the founder of La Repubblica delle Biciclette, with the support of Ascom Ferrara, the Consortium Visit Ferrara, FIAB, BC - Friends of the bicycle, Acli Ferrara, Slow Travel and Radio Sound.

And remember the motto "Blessed are the last that life knows how to enjoy", because nobody knows how to better enjoy life, nature, the city, of a slow cyclist!

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