From the 23th to the 26th of April 2022

A festival which put works of air engineering of Vulandra’s group and of many Italian and stranger guests together with outdoor amusement, everything bike-oriented.


The festival represents the purest passion for kite, sport and recreational, professional and amateur, or simply playful. It represents an opportunity at everyone fingertips, putting together the surprise raised by the works of air engineering realized by the local group “Vulandra” and by the hundreds of kites coming from different Italian regions and from foreign country such as France, Swiss, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Brazil and Columbia with the outdoor recreation, everything bike-oriented.

Free fly and exhibitions of static and acrobatic kites, by yourself or in team, building laboratories for the younger and acrobatic fly’s advanced courses for the professionals and the enthusiasts, exhibits of images from all over the world’s airfields, and a constant look to the social, in the form of the demolition of architectural barriers, educational stands over associations and charity’s voluntary work and environmental safeguard actions, applied of the beautiful frame of the “Parco Urbano G. Bassani”, which since over 30 years hosts the demonstration. Everything equipped with various alternatives of refreshment and a huge inflatable games’ park, to allow families to spend whole days together at the park.



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