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In the World Heritage List, defended by Unesco, there can only be unique places in the world. The city of Ferrara, with the historical area of Po’s delta, is one of them.

The site of Ferrara in 1995 achieved the Unesco’s acknowledgement only of the historical city center, and in 1999 Ferrara entered in the World Heritage List, due to the vast area of the ancient Po delta, marked by the “Delizie” and qualified as a cultural landscape.

The history of Ferrara is inextricably linked to Signoria Estense and to the majesty of the Court between XV and XVI century: in XII Estensi settled down in Ferrara.

With the construction of precious architectural complexes (Estense Castle, built in 1385), the city became between XV and XVI century one of the most important capital cities of Renaissance. The important frescos of XV century of “Salone dei Mesi” inside Palazzo Schifanoia must be considered one of the most evoking places of the estense majesty. Related to the urban area, Addizione Erculea, realized by Biagio Rossetti, is very famous: it established the doubling of the medieval city; the image acquired by the city after this great challenge made Jacob Burckardt define Ferrara as “the first modern city in Europe”.

Ferrara gives us others precious complex, full of artworks, such as the Museum of the Cathedral, Casa Romei, the Palazzina di Marfisa d’Este (1559), Riminaldi Museum, Palazzo Ducale and the National Archeological Museum in Ludovico il Moro palace (1500-1504), not forgetting the churches of various ages.

The historical center is even now enclosed, almost entirely, by great ramparts and wooded area for more than 9 km, with cycle paths which follow evocative itineraries. Near the ramparts there is the Parco Urbano, dedicated to Giorgio Bassani.

All this and much more can be discovered in Ferrara, a city full of history and of monumental heritage, a city that can be visited by foot or by bike, thanks to the itineraries always different and exciting.

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