Hat and coat are already in the bag? Ferrara, city rich of culture and history, is perfect to be explored under christmas’ lights. Stay [...]

The Hotel Touring is waiting for you to celebrate together a blazing New Year’s Eve in the Estense magical city.  Thanks to our locati [...]

To Facebook’s friends,  for those who want to know us better, for those who are interested in the events that our wonderful city offers [...]

Hotel Touring rewards loyal Guests ...   If you forgot visiting some museums or other attractions or only if you are interested in a particul [...]

We are happy to propose to our Senior Over 65 guests a special discount till 10% on the daily rate over the price of the selected room. Stay [...]

Do you like travelling comfortably by train? Do you like staying near to the historical monuments of the city? We have the right offer for you.. [...]

In every part of Italy Touring Club lives and works thanks to our members. Already in 1899 TCI had 16000 members, collaborated to the drawing up of [...]